Joining The Club

Pace Bootlegger is a practice club, that puts most of its emphasis on training players and developing their volleyball skills. The club dedicates and conforms their practices to this philosophy. Teams will cross-train and overlap practices as well as practice separately. Individual teams form twice a year, once at the beginning of the season and then again after the April Regionals tournament date.

In the early practice sessions, players are able to train with multiple teams, moving around based on skill level, commitment and team make-up. This allows for the coaching staff to provide plenty of opportunity for all of the players to develop in an environment that is conducive to their needs.


Pace Bootlegger teams are will known for being strong, athletic and well trained, physically as well as technically. We typically start out the year with the following teams:

Men's Open
Competitive Level
Former Collegiate Players
18-1 (Black)
Top Club Level
Nationally Ranked
17-1 (Black)
Top Club Level
Nationally Ranked
16-1 (Black)
Top Club Level
Nationally Ranked
16-2 (Blue)
Training Oriented
Skill and Team Development
15-1 (Black)
Top Club Level
Nationally Ranked
15-2 (Blue)
Training Oriented
Skill and Team Development
14-1 (Black)
Top Club Level
Nationally Ranked
14-2 (Blue)
Training Oriented
Skill and Team Development
13-1 (Black)
Top Club Level
Nationally Ranked
12-1 (Black)
Top Club Level
Nationally Ranked

These teams may change depending on player commitment and coaching staff availability. Players within each of the teams practice, train and travel together. Players are expected to train in strength and weight conditioning both as a team and on their own.


There will be tryouts for 18s-15s teams. There are no try outs for 14s-12s teams. Tryout dates are as follows:

15s Tryouts

Date: Monday November 28, 2016 (6:00-8:00 pm) and Wednesday November 30, 2016 (6:00-8:00 pm)

Location: Your Sports Depot

18s-16 Tryouts

Date: Tuesday November 29, 2016 and Thursday December 1, 2016 (6:00-8:00)

Location: Your Sports Depot

Prior to the first tryout, athletes must pay a $25 tryout fee and complete their WEVA/USAV Registration. Athletes that make a team will be required to complete their full registration prior to the first practice or they will not be allowed to practice.


The Pace Bootlegger season begins in mid-November. Teams practice on the following schedule:
  • 18s and 17s practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays - Location TBD
  • 16s and 15s practice on Mondays and Wednesdays - Location TBD
  • 14s and 13s practice 4:00 - 6:00 pm on Sundays starting November 27, 2016 and 6:00 - 8:00 pm on Fridays starting December 2, 2016 at Hot Shots
  • 12s practice 2:00 - 4:00 pm on Sundays starting December 4, 2016 at Hot Shots

Note: See the individual team pages for location changes as the season progresses.


Teams will participate in a several local and regional tournaments including the two Pace Bootlegger organized tournaments. See the individual team pages for more details as the season progresses. The first season ends around the first week in April after Regionals. Then all players and teams come back together as one unit. For two weeks, all players will have the opportunity to try-out again for one of these teams: 18-1, 17-1, 16-1, 15-1, 14-1, 12-1. These teams will train a minimum of two days a week with the goal to competing at the U.S. Junior National Championships during the first week of July.


All players planning on attending a tryout and/or practice must complete the follow PRIOR to the first tryout/practice:

These steps also apply to adults working with the club (coaches, chaperones, parent reps, etc). If you have questions regarding registration, contact the club registrar, Mark Bowers, at If you have been registered before be sure to use the password previously established.


The Pace Bootlegger Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization that operates based on player Club Fees. All fees and expenses are classified into five distinct groupings:

  • Try Out Fee - $25. All players wishing to be a part of the 18s-15s teams (14s-12s do not have a tryout or tryout fee) must pay the try out fee prior to entering the gym. Try out fees are non-refundable.
  • Club Registration Fee includes: Initial uniform; WEVA liability insurance; club registration expenses; website maintenance; coaching expenses; equipment expenses; supplies and ball. Fees are established as follows: 18s-13's – $575; 12s – $225. 2015-16 Registration fees can be paid in 2 installments - $300 in November and $275 in January.
  • Practice Facility Fee: There is an additional per player expense to cover the cost of gym rentals. November's practice fees are included with your initial club fees. Starting in December, the following fees will be due at the first practice of every month and are established as follows: 18s-15s – $80; 14s-13s – $40; 12s – $20.
  • Tournament / Travel Fees: All tournament and travel fees are in addition to the above fees and are due the week before the players compete. Players will have an opportunity to sign up for these tournaments weeks before the events. Players are responsible for communicating to the coaching staff if they are ill or have conflicts with tournaments. Players / parents will be responsible for all financial commitments to the club.
  • Uniform Fee/Policy: A one-time uniform fee, which includes one pair of club shorts and two competition shirts, is included with your initial club fees. If a player loses a pair of shorts ($30.00) or a Shirt ($25.00) they will be responsible for the cost of the replacement of the lost item before the next tournament. All of the teams (except the 12s teams) use two shirts at each tournament.

All payments should be sent to: Tammy Wickens, 278 Bouckhart Ave, Rochester, NY 14622.


Please be aware the club travel coordinator will make the players and coaches hotel arrangements. Parents must follow the directions and meet the deadlines in order to secure their own rooms. For some of the tournaments, parents will need to obtain further information from their parent representative in order to complete their reservations. Be sure to contact the hotels prior to the deadline date to insure availability and costs. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the club expectations for both parents and players.


The Pace Bootlegger Volleyball Club has earned a well respected reputation everywhere we go. This includes tournaments, fundraisers, practices, restaurants, etc. In order to maintain this well earned reputation the following is expected:

  • Teamwork: Act as a team player and team member.
  • Commitment: It is vital to be committed to the team and club. Players are to be on time for all team activities. It's important to attend every possible practice and notify coaches when you can't attend. Missing practices affects playing time at the coach's discretion.
  • Respect: Players will treat everyone (this includes teammates, other players, coaches, officials, parents, and spectators) with respect and with courtesy.
  • Rules: Whenever a player is part of a team function all rules are to be followed including those listed in the WEVA Code of Conduct, Junior Travel Policy, USA Volleyball Waiver and any additional rules set forth by an establishment or tournament.
  • Drug Policy: USAV's Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Policy will be strictly enforced.
  • Image: Players are representing their team, club, city, and state. Players should always reflect a positive image including speech, appearance, and actions. Teams will keep their area clean at all facilities. You never know who is watching - officials, college recruiters, etc.
  • Groups: At any team function players must be in groups of two (2) or more. The coach or team representative should know where each and every player is at all times.
  • Vehicle Use: Seat belts are to be used at all times when traveling for the club. Any travel to away tournaments should include adult drivers.
  • Additional Team Rules: All rules established by the coach and/or parent representative are to be followed.
  • Grades: The club expectation is that players maintain good grades. This will only help players in the future as individuals and as volleyball players.
  • Consequences: If you refuse to follow the rules or are disruptive, disciplinary measures will be taken. This could mean not attending a tournament, removal from your team or dismissal from the club. If this occurs at a tournament any costs incurred for returning player home will be paid by player and/or player's family.


The Pace Bootlegger Volleyball Club has been extremely fortunate with the support we receive from our parents and families. We are a well respected organization everywhere we go. We want this legacy to continue and ask that our parents and families assist us with the following to ensure the club continues to operate smoothly.

  • Communications: The team parent representative is the liaison for the parents to the team and to the club. Please ask your team's parent representative questions first. The club uses email for communicating and billing, please keep your email up to date and check it often.
  • Finances: Players' accounts will be kept up to date. (Payment plans available if needed) If payments are not made on time then coaches, tournament fees, and club bills can't be paid.
  • Respectful: Parents will treat everyone (this includes players, coaches, club representatives, officials, and other spectators) with respect and with courtesy.
  • Follow Rules: Whenever a parent is part of a team function all rules are to be followed including those listed in the WEVA Code of Conduct, Junior Travel Policy, USA Volleyball Waiver and any additional rules set forth by an establishment or tournament.
  • Representation: Parents are representing the team, club, city, and state when with the team or wearing club apparel. Parents should always reflect a positive image including speech, appearance, and actions. You are role models. Let the coach do the coaching.
  • Vehicle Use: Players must use seat belts at all times when traveling for the club. Car registration and insurance must be up-to-date.
  • Hotels: Parents must secure their rooms for travel tournaments. The club will set up availability with a cut-off date. Any requested rooms not secured by the cut-off date will be released back to the hotel. Any costs incurred for parent rooms not cancelled per hotel contract will be the responsibility of the parent and charges placed on player's billing. All player rooms will be booked by the club and all players will stay at the designated club hotel.
  • Teams: Players need to be with their teams and stay in their respective rooms at travel tournaments. Parents may request an exception from the coach for a special dinner or circumstance. The request needs to be done in advance. Travel experiences are important in team building.
  • Problems: Please let your son work with his coach if a problem arises. We expect players to speak to coaches in these circumstances, not the parent. If the problem is not solved at that point, the player can contact the Club Director. Only after these two options are attempted, a parent may ask for a meeting involving the coach, player, parents, and Club Director.
  • Other Assistance Possibilities: Transport players to tournaments if available; Help solicit corporate grants and sponsorships for players, teams, or the club; Help with fundraising events; Help with local tournaments.