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UPCOMING: 12-13-14 Registration & 1st Practices

1st PRACTICES 14 and under (typically 7th & 8th grade; birthdays after July 1, 2009) November 17th 6-8pm and Sunday November 19th 2-4pm

1st PRACTICES 12 and under (typically 6th grade and younger; birthdays after July 1, 2011) November 17th 6-8pm  and  Sunday November 19th 2-4pm

At these levels we train numerous rosters and individual teams will be fluid as players gain experience.  There are no cuts at these levels.

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PACE Bootlegger Volleyball

PACE Bootlegger Volleyball has a long tradition of excellence.  Formed in 1979, Club Director Cal Wickens has more than 40 years of volleyball experience to bring to all levels of youth players.  PACE has a decorated coaching staff still connected to local colleges and PACE teams have regularly placed in the top 15 in the nation. 

Teams practice twice a week (Tues/Thurs 15-16-17-18, Fri/Sun 13-14, Sun 12) and participate in numerous tournaments, both local and national. 

2023-2024 Tryouts for 15-16-17-18 age groups took place in August, but new players interested should contact Cal Wickens  (585) 329-6866