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Joining the Club


TRYOUTS (15-16-17-18)  Sunday August 18th & 25th; come to both if possible.  3-5pm for 15 & 16, 5-7pm for 17 & 18.  We're hoping to field 15 black, 15 blue, 15 black, 16 blue, 17 black, 17/18 blue, 18 black  

1st PRACTICES (13-14) begin 11/15  At these levels we train numerous rosters and teams will be fluid as players gain experience. No cuts.  

1st PRACTICES (12 & under)  begin 11/17  Contact 12s head coach John O'Dell for more information.


1) All teams:  For insurance purposes, in order to try out or attend a practice, players need a current Western Empire Volleyball Association (WEVA) membership.  Players new to club volleyball need to purchase a tryout membership ($15) prior to tryouts. If a player makes a team (15-16-17-18) or decides to commit for the season (12-13-14), that tryout membership fee will be applied to a full membership cost.

2) Complete pre-registration google form

3) Bring a completed USAV Medical Release Form.

4) After team selection, 12-14-15-16-17-18 all black and some blue teams also need to purchase AAU memberships as our schedule includes both AAU and USAV sanctioned tournaments.  If during the registration process, AAU does not prompt you to add a club code, once you've purchased the membership, go back and edit the membership to include club code: W3BYBD


15-16-17-18 Registration Fee $1000 ($500 due at September team meetings, $500 due November 15th); plus tournament costs and practice fees.  Practice fees are $50 November and $100/month  beginning in December (invoiced monthly)

13-14 Registration Fee $850; plus tournament costs and practice fees.  Practice fees are $50 November and $100/month  beginning in December (invoiced monthly)

12  Registration Fee $400 due 2nd weekend of practice plus $50/month practice fees starting in December ($25 for November) & tournament costs (invoiced monthly)